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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things to Come

For the two people out there who are reading this, I would like to apologize for the e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s length of time between my first two posts.

Now that that's out of the way, I have a few ideas on which I'd like some constructive criticism.

1) I want to start a website where I post my invaluable political opinions and ask readers to argue me out of them.  If your argument sways me, it gets posted, as it is now MY opinion.  I may even claim it was mine the whole time.  Who knows?
    a) This idea was an offshoot of the above, so it doesn't count as its own idea, even though it may be a far cooler idea.  And I know this line is supposed to be indented, but it won't let me do that in the intuitive way, and it just doesn't matter enough to me to find out how to do it.

Hold the phone, Joan.

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, "Why don't you just use the bullets option.  It's RIGHT THERE AT THE TOP OF YOUR STUPID PAGE."  Well, it just so happens that I hate using the bullet formatting, because, inevitably, I want to change something about the accepted format and can't.  At least not without doing more research, which brings us right back to the same issue we had with bullet formatting.


And don't yell.  I'm way too old to be yelled at.  This has gotten too convoluted.  I'm going to start with a brand new letter.
    b) I think I just figured out how to do the indenting.
    c) Yep.  I did.
    d) Here it is:  You take these opinions, which we discussed way back in the first paragraph, and
        you run for President. Seriously. On no money. Try and get some donated time from some
        webbies, get yourself a huge volunteer force, and see if we can't get rid of the old idea that you
        need a ton of cash to run a real campaign. If it takes off, the free publicity alone would probably be
        enough exposure to make some waves.

We need to make it so our lawmakers don't need corporate money or special interest money to get elected, or re-elected. Truthfully, I think term limits would be in order for Congresspersons, but I think that the most immediate threat to our democratic system is the issue of We the Peoples' representatives in government being bought. In no way was that part of the deal, and it has got to stop.

The Wall Street occupation is refreshing, but I think they need to evolve to be truly meaningful. Focus. Consolidate. Vote. Abstaining from a vote is not a meaningful form of political action. Write someone in if you don't like any of the candidates on your ballot. Hell, write me in.

I heard a law prof from Harvard speaking on the radio the other day about his new book, in which he discusses the idea of calling a new Constitutional Convention. Apparently, the States can call such a convention, if Congress has grown too corrupt. He thinks that the ideal result from such a Convention would be an amendment regarding campaign financing. While he makes some good arguments, and I like the idea, there are too many ways for it to go wrong.

Horribly wrong.
What if this convention gets together and decides they have a different agenda? Think of how much money and effort would go into buying the States' votes. I guess it could solve some State budget issues.

Now post me your thoughts on these ideas.  Separately, and as a matched pair.  Maybe the first part is viable, but the second is cuckoo.

And keep it clean.  Words tell us a lot about each other.  Pun intended.  But seriously, they do.

And yes, I know you can't have a "1)" without a "2)." But times are tough, and we just couldn't afford a "2)."


robyn said...

1) I like your idea about posting your views and letting people try to argue you out of them, though I know that I, personally, can rarely argue you out of any of your views/beliefs/ideas, unless I happen to have an undergraduate degree in the subject, and sometimes not even then. :) However, that is certainly not to say you don't have an open mind, because you do, and it would make for very interesting online conversation (or debate, depending on how you look at it).
2)I think this would be an excellent way for the future President to connect with the People, and if word spread there's no reason it wouldn't get some attention, especially if the People can peel their eyes off the Kardashians for ten minutes.
3) As First Lady, I promise not to spend all the nation's money on superfluous 2)s and 3)s.

Sir said...

"The Wall Street occupation is refreshing, but I think they need to evolve to be truly meaningful."

Refreshing may be going a bit far but I'm all for starting a dialogue and making change. I just wish the masses didn't look like dirty hippies so I could take them a bit more serious (or is it seriously)? I also wish they would actually protest in the correct zip code. Which would be 20500 (the White House)

"I heard a law prof from Harvard speaking on the radio the other day about his new book, in which he discusses the idea of calling a new Constitutional Convention."

Wouldn't this be a nice change of pace? What ever happened to states rights by the way?